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Sports and Injury Rehabilitation centre in Twickenham, South West London

Welcome to the Synergy Approach

Whether your goal is to get back to your marathon training or help with your love of gardening, we've got you covered.

Sport and Injury Rehabillitation VS Physiotherapy

Our Twickenham Sports and Injury Rehabilitation team employs treatment techniques and goals akin to physiotherapy, focusing on restoring function and improving performance.

While we may not bear the physiotherapist title, our team possesses qualifications and training equivalent to a physiotherapist's.

Each of our practitioners has completed a rigorous educational degree program in anatomy, physiology, injury assessment, and rehabilitation at St. Mary's University in Twickenham, paralleling the professional standards of physiotherapists.

With a deep understanding of human physiology and a holistic approach to wellness, our therapists are here to guide you on your path to recovery and peak performance.

Your first Sports & Injury Rehab consultation

Our Sports & Injury Rehabilitation Therapists work with you and alongside our chiropractors to provide you with an exceptional service of care to help get you towards achieving your goals.

The sessions are more hands-off than our sports massage service, incorporating movement within our in-house gym facilities.

Your first session includes:

  • Full Sports & Injury Rehabilitation consultation
  • Posture & Movement assessment
  • Joint, Muscle and Soft Tissue assessment
  • Agreed plan of action on how to best manage and resolve your issues
  • 1st Rehab session

All of our rehabilitation therapists are also experienced sports massage therapists, which means they are able to incorporate specific hands-on care to help release any muscle and soft tissue tightness and soreness.

Your sessions will be tailored for you to provide a combination of both hands-on (massage) and hands-off (rehab in our gym) work, specific to your individual recovery needs.

Meet the Rehabilitation Therapists

Lawrence Fenton
BSc (Hons) FRCms FRA
Sports & Injury Rehabilitation Therapist

Registered with BASRaT.

Lewis Smith
BSC Sports
Injury Rehabilitation & Sports Massage Therapist

Registered with BASRaT.

Our therapists are registered with

Rehab Vs Physiotherapy

Rehab and physiotherapy share many principles, focusing on helping patients regain optimal functionality after an injury. While physiotherapy often zeroes in on specific injuries, rehabilitation adopts a broader scope, offering holistic recovery plans.

Our Twickenham team is trained to provide targeted, personalised treatment strategies, equivalent to high-quality physiotherapy services. Both approaches involve assessment, tailored treatment plans, and a commitment to patient recovery.

By opting for our rehabilitation service, you are choosing a path grounded in expertise and a proven track record in delivering results that stand on par with the best physiotherapy services.

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