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About Synergy


Our goal is to work towards achieving your goals. Since 2015, we have been providing Chiropractic, Injury Rehabilitation, and Soft Tissue Therapy to Twickenham and the surrounding areas of Richmond Upon Thames. Along the way, we've assisted thousands of individuals, particularly those with back pain and spinal-related issues, to enhance their overall well-being. Many continue to visit us regularly as part of their preventive and proactive health and wellness regime, ensuring they perform daily activities at their peak.

We are not just another “quick-fix” pain clinic. Our aim is to ensure every visit is a genuinely positive experience. While alleviating your pain is crucial, we see it as merely the beginning of your journey. If you're looking to enhance your wellbeing and performance in the long run, our team is here to equip you with the right tools.


Our seasoned Chiropractors, Rehab, and Soft Tissue Therapists are dedicated to mitigating pain originating from joints, muscles, and nerves.

Often, your initial visit arises from the motivation to address pain or discomfort. At SYNERGY, we're driven not only to alleviate your discomfort but to delve into its underlying causes. We aspire to understand what your pain prevents you from achieving or what it shakes your confidence in doing. Adopting a goal-centric approach, we strive to offer the most optimal care to facilitate your swift recovery.


Embracing an active lifestyle lies at the heart of our ethos. We're here to rejuvenate your mobility, enabling you to indulge in your passions seamlessly.

As you begin to feel rejuvenated, our emphasis shifts towards enhancing your movement quality and sustaining it. This often addresses the root cause of the initial pain. By optimizing joint and muscle function in harmony with the nervous system, you're better equipped to ward off recurrent pain episodes, paving the way for improved overall robustness and well-being.


Numerous patients and clients integrate chiropractic treatments and soft tissue therapy into their wellness routines. This proactive approach is, in fact, the most efficacious form of care — after all, prevention trumps cure! Scheduled sessions ensure you don't need to wait for a setback before booking an appointment. Research also indicates that regular preventive treatments lead to fewer overall visits in the long run.

Nurturing both your physical and mental health contributes to the broader spectrum of wellness. Chiropractic and soft tissue therapy are just a couple of the myriad strategies to foster a holistic health vision. Consider it a way of “future-proofing” your body!