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Chiropractor in Twickenham, South West London

Welcome to the Synergy Approach

Twickenham’s Leading Chiropractic, Rehabilitation & Wellbeing Centre. Specialising in:

Passionate about helping people

With our expertise in Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we specialise in restoring your mobility and guiding you on a journey from pain to peak performance. Our mission is to empower you to embrace a proactive lifestyle.

Your first chiropractic visit

Our New Patient experience is tailored to uncover the underlying causes of your concerns and develop a personalised plan for your recovery. This comprehensive process consists of two appointments scheduled over two days, including a chiropractic treatment (adjustment).

Day 1

Initial consultation

  • An in depth detailed consultation and medical history review
  • A thorough posture, movement and spine assessment
  • Neurological and muscular examination procedures
Day 2

Report of Findings

  • A detailed walk through of your results
  • An clear actionable plan to improve your pain and meet your individual goals
  • Starting chiropractic care and your first chiropractic treatment* (adjustment)

*Provided it's suitable for your condition and your body is ready to receive chiropractic care, you can start chiropractic treatment during this session. Care plans and treatments are charged following the appointment.

On booking today, you will choose a date and time for your day 1 appointment. Our receptionist will then contact you to choose a date and time for your complimentary day 2 appointment (at no extra charge).

What our team can help with

Pain and injuries are, regrettably, a part of life.

Whether you're dealing with a recent onset of pain or a longstanding pre-existing injury, we're here to assist you in alleviating discomfort and reclaiming your mobility. Our goal is to help you rediscover the joy of pursuing your passions without the hindrance of pain.


And much more.

Meet the Chiropractors

Lee Taylor
DC MChiro LRCC (Sport)
Founder & Doctor of Chiropractic

Registered with the GCC and the UCA.

Charlotte Barker
Doctor of Chiropractic

Registered with the GCC and the BCA.

Our chiropractors are registered with

Private health insurance

If you have private health insurance that covers chiropractic, our team are registered with the following providers.

If you wish to claim your first visit through one of the below providers, please book in by phone (not online) by calling: 020 8898 3936.

*Lee Taylor only
*Lee Taylor only
*Lee Taylor only

Chiropractic Patient reviews

I couldn't recommend SYNERGY more than I already do to my friends and colleagues. Charlotte has the hands of an angel and is incredible at what she does. I started seeing her in November 2021 for a shoulder complaint and daily headaches and within no time at all I was as good as new and have been retruning monthly to help keep it under control.

Heather Allsworth

Fantastic treatment from Lee. I am postnatal mum trying to get back to fitness, Struggling with my upper back and neck from breastfeeding. I have to say it was the smoothest and gentlest manipulation I have ever had, it was fantastic. The clinic is absolutely amazing.

Tracey Matthews

I had been experiencing lover back pain for a number of years. After the first three visits with Lee my pain has subsided.It sounds unbelievable but I haven't experienced back pain since I started my treatment. Lee and the staff at SYNERGY made me feel welcome and talked me through every step of the treatment with tips on how to improve mobility and reduce the risk of straining my back In the future.

Josh Dyton

Located in the centre of Twickenham

Located in the centre of Twickenham, servicing the West London community. We service the following surrounding communities with chiropractic care:

Hampton HillFeltham.

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