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Lee Taylor
DC MChiro LRCC (Sport)
Founder & Doctor of Chiropractic

Registered with the GCC and the UCA.

Lee is a chiropractor with over 11 years’ experience and is the owner and director of SYNERGY. Having successfully established Twickenham Chiropractic Health Centre his dream was always to build an integrated multidisciplinary clinic with a team of practitioners under one roof. Over time this dream became reality and SYNERGY was born.

Originally from Cornwall, Lee became a Chiropractor after his own positive experience to care following a rugby incident which left him suffering with ongoing low back pain. His own experiences allow him to empathise and encourage his clients to live an active life without fear of pain getting in the way. His goal is to focus on growing the SYNERGY brand to help more people experience first hand the benefits from our services and our amazing team.

Outside of work Lee loves to keep active, which is pretty easy considering he has 2 young sons who are always on the go. Strength training and high intensity exercise have always been an essential part of his physical and mental health regime. However, more recently Lee has taken up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the tender age of 36 and is finding the experience of learning a brand new skill very rewarding and humbling both physically and mentally.

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