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Jacob Stanley



Jacob’s passion to learn more about the human body and its capabilities first arose whilst training to become a Physical Training Instructor in the British Army. After witnessing family, friends and colleagues suffer with various injuries and pains for many years, he decided to pursue a career which would enable him to directly help others that are struggling to live their life to the full. He decided to become a Chiropractor as this would allow him to use a hands on, natural, drug-free approach to help relieve peoples’ pain and restore function whilst also giving them the knowledge on how to become a more resilient and active form of themselves. He graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic with first-class honours.

Having been involved in sport all his life, Jacob enjoys treating and maintaining athletes of all abilities, including Rugby, CrossFit, strength competitors and golfers. However, Jacob believes that everybody – from babies to the elderly – can benefit from a professional helping hand to help cope with the struggles and traumas of everyday life. He believes it is vital to educate people to help prevent reoccurrences.

In his spare time, Jacob enjoys CrossFit, weight training and keeping active, previously playing a lot of Rugby and he has recently taken up golf.
Photograph of Jacob Stanley CHIROPRACTOR - Synergy Clinic


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